Outrage in the United States over the abandonment of a 3-year-old boy and his puppy in a snowy cemetery two days before Christmas

A woman reported the heartbreaking scene in which the little boy tried to follow the fleeing car as it left Hope Memorial Gardens cemetery in Hinckley, Ohio on Wednesday, December 23. She called the police and said the boy and his dog were chasing a medium sized blue car.

The police arrived and found the boy, who told them his name was Tony. The child knew the first names of his mother and father, but had no idea where he lived. He was placed in foster care and officers launched a public appeal to be reunited with his family, after which Tony’s relatives recognized him and contacted his father. According to the police, the latter was “very cooperative”.

Police said the boy was believed to be in his mother’s care when he was abandoned. “As the investigation is still ongoing and many questions remain unanswered, I want to assure everyone that Tony is doing very well at a foster family home in Medina County,” said the Hinckley Police Department in a Facebook post.

The community gathered and brought dozens of Christmas gifts for the little boy, who ended up with a foster family over the holidays.

“I would like to thank everyone for their kindness in wanting to buy Christmas presents for Tony, welcome him and adopt him,” added the Hinckley Police spokesperson. “You are all amazing people and that’s why we have such a great community here in Hinckley, all over Medina County and beyond.”


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