Outside the World Cup ︱ Dai Weijun said that he felt honored to be a national player and was praised by a Chinese legend as “the only bright spot of the Sino-Japanese war” (22:15) – 20220128 – Sports – Instant News

Tai Weijun, who was born and raised in Hong Kong and once represented the Hong Kong Football Youth Army, officially obtained a Chinese passport earlier this month and was called up to the national football team for the first time in this international season. identify. Li Yi, a former Chinese international, believed after the game that the only bright spot of the national football team in the “China-Japan war” was Dai Weijun, “To be honest, this game shows that the gap between us and the Japanese team is getting wider and wider, and the one who shines is Dai Weijun, who is present at his age. The individual ability to perform in the past is exactly what the team lacks. I hope that in the future games will give more opportunities to young players.”

In the other game in Group B, Saudi Arabia beat Oman 1-0 at home, and continued to lead with 19 points in 7 games, 4 points ahead of Japan. The team’s Porto star Dali Mei settled the country with a single arrow. After defeating Iraq 1-0 at home, they qualified three rounds early, becoming the first Asian team to enter the Qatar World Cup final week.

It is reported that Dalimie reunited with the team less than 24 hours before the game, but he was still appointed as the main menu arrow. In 48 minutes, he took advantage of the opponent’s clearance error to break the net with one goal, helping Iran to defeat Iraq at home with one goal, winning 6 of 7 games and 1 draw. 19 points to the top of Group A, and the remaining 3 rounds left the third UAE team by 10 points, becoming the first Asian team to enter the World Cup final week held at the end of this year. into the finals week. There are 14 teams to qualify, and the second-placed South Korean team in Group A will also advance if they beat the Syrian team next Wednesday. In addition, Manchester United’s 18-year-old youth training Ibar completed the first game of the national team in 82 minutes as a backup for Iraq against Iran.

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