Over 580 kg of cannabis camouflaged in hockey bags

A 27-year-old Ontarian has been arrested in the United States for transporting and attempting to bring over 580 kilograms of cannabis onto American soil, camouflaged in hockey bags.

Xiao Liu was arrested in Buffalo while driving a truck carrying merchandise, wax, the driver told customs officials.

During a routine check, a customs officer asked to see what was in the sleeper cabin where black bags, believed to belong to a friend of the driver, were piled up.

An x-ray inspection revealed “a significant anomaly,” a statement from the prosecutor’s office said on Wednesday, adding that customs officials then searched the hockey bags, only to discover that they contained some 1,139 vacuum-sealed bags of cannabis. .

Liu was charged with possession of cannabis with the intention of distributing it and importing cannabis into the United States.


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