Overcoming and Preventing Acne Maskne

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Reportasee.com – Overcoming and preventing acne maskne because the use of masks is now what women and men are looking for.

The pandemic has made us adopt a new life order and the most striking thing is the use of masks to cover the nose and mouth to avoid viruses.

Because this virus can reportedly be transmitted from mouth to mouth or nose fluids, so the best prevention is to use a mask to cover it.

However, this backfires for the community, especially those with sensitive skin.

Because the face area covered by the mask actually appears acne.

The reason is usually clean and acne rarely arises.

This phenomenon is now known as maskne.

Why is it called that? Because the main cause is that the skin cannot breathe freely and is blocked by masks.

Moreover, the results of our breathing do not immediately blend with the surrounding air.

Another cause is the friction between the mask and facial skin so that the oil that comes out actually spreads to the surrounding area and pimples arise.

Masks acne This will mostly appear on the chin, nose, lower cheeks and also around the mouth.

Then will this continue to haunt us? Of course not. Because anyone can overcome and prevent the presence of maskne.

You as the owner of the face must apply the following steps so that the skin becomes smoother as before.

How do you deal with and prevent mask acne due to the use of these masks?

For details, you can listen to the complete description below.

Steps to Overcome and Prevent Acne Maskne in Closed Areas

In order for your face to avoid acne that occurs due to daily use of masks, of course you can as long as you regularly follow the following tips.

Clean the face properly before using the mask

Before using a mask to protect from the dangers of viruses, first make sure the skin is clean from various dirt, dust and others.

Because the skin will be temporarily covered with a mask and in the pores of the skin it is worrying that it will become clogged when there is dirt on the surface.

Choose face soap that is common in use, if there is acne choose the right product to clean it.

That way you have succeeded in overcoming and preventing mask acne.

Simplify the ritual of using this type of morning skincare

This method can be one of the efforts to overcome and prevent mask acne.

Before pandemics existed, Ands used to use 10 stages of Korean-style skincare with the aim of perfect skin.

However, in the middle of the Covid era like now, it would be better to simplify these stages before starting activities.

Therefore, choose the type that is most effective for use on the skin.

For example, use it to hydrate or treat inflammatory acne.

For example, oily skin types can use skincare types such as toner, eye cream and most importantly, keep sunscreen.

Because the mask is not able to expel sunlight to the face.

As a way to overcome and prevent other mask acne, you can skip the use of facial treatments in the mask area.

Especially those that contain vitamin C and acid. But if you want to use it in the area outside it is possible.

If the skin type is dry, make sure to provide hydration for the face using a moisturizer that is light enough.

For example, serum also contains cream with hyaluronic acid content.

Frequently changing the use of masks

Change your reusable mask more often because this can be a recommendation in overcoming and preventing mask acne.

Because the oil that comes out of the face may have stuck to the surface of the mask and can rub against the surrounding area.

That’s why you often change masks to prevent the surrounding area from being disturbed.

Choose materials such as cotton, polyester or silk blends.

Because these fabrics can protect perfectly especially in regards to breathing matters.

Also the cloth can help reduce the bad effects that anyone would not want.

However, if you are quite inflamed in your acne, you can use a disposable mask or medical type.

After wearing it, wash it thoroughly and even preferably in an iron to kill the bacteria inside.

That way you have made efforts to overcome and prevent mask acne.

Double Cleansing Finish Using The Mask

After arriving at home or a place that does not require the use of a mask, immediately clean your face thoroughly to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the skin pores.

How to clean it can start from makeup remover, micellar water or face oil.

Only after that wash your face using cleansing soap because this is important to treat and prevent acne maskne.

Exfoliating using a scrub is also useful for removing dirt that clogs pores.

You can do this stage just three times a week and especially for people who wear makeup in a mask.

For owners of acne prone skin, make sure to go through exfoliation on the face.

Because this actually causes irritation and even inflamed pimples.

Doing Face Care According to Skin Needs

The use of other skincare as an effort to overcome and prevent acne masks can be in the form of face care masks that suit the conditions.

There are several variants such as preventing breakouts with the tea tree content in them. Better to avoid using variations of clay because it can aggravate the condition of the face break out.

Because we often encounter products with the aim of dealing with acne but make the skin dry and even peel easily. This actually makes the mask even worse.

The key in overcoming and preventing mask acne is mainly to find products so that the skin is much calmer and can hydrate it.

Using stickers for acne arises

There is an assumption that when active acne appears in the area the mask is located, it actually underestimates it because it is closed and no one else can see it.

So, can this treat and prevent mask acne? The answer is wrong.

Because this actually worsens the condition of the face.

So it is better if you provide protection for active acne in the form of sticking acne stickers, which provide an infusion formula to soothe redness in its shape, and can even cure inflammation.

Avoid Using Make Up in the Mask Area

Another effort to overcome and prevent acne maskne is not to hit the skin in a mask with make up.

Because its use alone can clog pores, especially when covered with a mask.

But if you feel insecure or your job demands make-up, you can get over it easily.

That is, it is enough to wear eye makeup such as eyeliner, eyeshadow, and others.

You can also apply blush on the upper cheek that is not covered by a mask.

Don’t forget to do double cleansing when finished using it.

You can start trying some tips for overcoming and preventing acne maskne from now on.

Moreover, the use of masks itself due to corona is not certain when it will be finished.

Keep your body healthy and take care of your facial skin so that the current pandemic does not affect life.

Editor: Annastasya Wulandari

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