Overtake Canada, beat North Korea, lose to India, and Taiwan’s military ranking in 2022 is exposed – yqqlm

According to the “2022 Military Strength Ranking” (2022 Military Strength Ranking) published by the well-known military website “Global Firepower” (GFP), among 140 countries in the world in 2021, Taiwan’s firepower index will be ranked 21st in the world with 0.3215; It surpassed Canada (ranked 23) and beat North Korea (ranked 30), but lost far to the mainland.

In the 2022 military ranking, the top 5 are based on the United States (firepower index 0.0453), Russia (firepower index 0.0501), mainland China (0.0511), India (firepower index 0.0979) and Japan (firepower index 0.1195). (Picture / taken from the Global Firepower webpage)

In GFP’s military power ranking, in addition to traditional military forces such as the number of troops, artillery, ships, and fighter planes, natural resources (such as oil production, reserves), logistics capabilities (such as labor, road coverage, railways, etc.) are also included. Items such as coverage ratio, merchant fleet size, number of ports), financial capabilities (such as foreign exchange/gold and purchasing power quasi-price), etc., have enabled some small countries to surpass the military rankings of large but poorly developed countries.

The website pointed out that since 2006, GFP has conducted “firepower index” evaluations for 140 countries around the world based on more than 50 items including manpower, air power, ground forces, maritime forces, natural resources, logistics, finance and geography. And sort out the military rankings.

The military ranking in 2022 is based on the relevant data in 2021. The top 5 are the United States (firepower index 0.0453), Russia (firepower index 0.0501), mainland China (0.0511), India (firepower index 0.0979) and Japan (firepower index 0.0979) 0.1195).

As for Taiwan, Taiwan’s firepower index is 0.3215; it is higher than Canada (0.3601), which ranks 23rd, and North Korea (0.4621), which ranks 30th. mainland. Compared with the “2021 Military Power Ranking”, although Taiwan has risen from 22nd to 21st, GFP commented that the value of Taiwan’s military power in 2022 is showing a downward trend.

For the military comparison of Taiwan and the mainland; in terms of overall ranking, Taiwan ranks 21st, while the mainland is 3rd. It is worth noting that although Taiwan is behind mainland China in terms of manpower, number of fighters, artillery, ships, and defense budget, etc., in terms of reservists, GFP believes that Taiwan’s reservists are as high as 1.5 million, accounting for 1.5 million. No. 1 in the world. As for the mainland, there are only 510,000 people, ranking fifth in the world.

Article Source:2022 Military Strength Ranking

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