Overwatch Trailer: The Summer Games Are On

Trailer Overwatch: The Summer Games are on

As expected, the Overwatch Summer Games 2020 kicked off today. The opportunity for developers to publish a dedicated trailer.

From tonight until August 25, players will be able to get new Legendary skins for Pharah, Echo, Brigitte, Doomfist, Baptiste, while Tracer, Bastion and Orisa will be entitled to epic skins. As you might expect, the Lucioball is also back in its classic version, but also in a remix version. The latter is faster, two balloons are in play throughout the game, and some bonus balls will allow you to score more points. Finally, weekly challenges will accompany the players, with the rewards of sprays and the epic skins mentioned above.

By MalloDelic, Journalist jeuxvideo.com


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