overwhelmed by the delays, he tried to open the emergency exit, the flight cancelled!

This Saturday, July 2, a drunken Belgian made the cabin crew and other passengers of a Ryanair flight see all the colors at Menorca airport.

According to information from HLN, the 46-year-old man, annoyed by the delay of the flight he was supposed to take, was aggressive once boarded. The plane, which was to fly to Malaga, was four hours late, annoying all the passengers, and in particular the 46-year-old Belgian, who decided to kill the waiting time at the airport by consuming the alcohol.

Once the time came for boarding, the Belgian entered the plane completely drunk. A few minutes after sitting in his place, the 40-year-old, who demanded the departure of the flight, began to be aggressive. He insulted the passengers and even tried to force open an emergency exit. Fortunately, the plane had not yet taken off.

Unable to calm the passenger, the cabin crew was forced to call the police. The man was forced to get off the plane, but still resisted violently. He also fell on seats, where other passengers had taken place. He ended up being arrested and the flight carrying 180 passengers was canceled, the maximum number of hours of delay having been exceeded! Travelers had to get off the plane and wait for a new flight.

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