Overwhelming evidence against Trump for the 'Ukraine case'

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The investigation to open a process of 'impeachment' with which to seek the disqualification of Donald Trump on Tuesday threw his first report, produced by the Intelligence Committee of the Lower House, which began the investigations on September 24. The 300-page document reconstructs the conspiracy of the president and his relatives to force a foreign government, that of Ukraine, to interfere in the US elections next year with a corruption investigation against Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company in whose council of management worked Hunter Biden, son of former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden, favorite to face him in November.

The great disclosure of the report is the White House call history that was provided to the Intelligence Committee by the AT&T telephone company, complying with a congressional citation that the White House considered illegitimate. The record "reveals considerable coordination between the parties that included the White House," said Adam Schiff, chairman of the Intelligence Committee.


Great revelation.

The call history shows a "coordination between the parties" and the White House

'The three friends'.

The departure of the ambassador in Kiev sought to clear the way to Giuliani, Sondland and Perry

The list is dotted with calls from former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who has no official position in the White House but whom the president had become his personal lawyer and put in charge of that unofficial diplomacy to help him win re-election. Having no public office, Giuliani will have a hard time explaining why he called the White House Budget Management Office, which ordered the retention of military aid to Ukraine, in a clear blackmail to force the Government of Volodimir Zelenski to announce the investigation sought .

Contacts since April

Another of those affected is Congressman Davin Nunes, the highest-ranking Republican in the Intelligence Committee of the lower house, who has been doing the dirty work of the president. The report reveals numerous contacts between Nunes, Giualini and Lev Parnas, a Ukrainian businessman, clients of Giuliani, who was arrested last month while trying to leave the country.

The calls began in April, long before the one on July 25 that unleashed the investigation of Congress for abuse of power. Everyone agrees that, no matter how damaging the president's call to Zelenski to ask him for "a favor," it would have been difficult to defend his disqualification by a single call. The report fits it into a seven-part strategy that began with the withdrawal of ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch to clear the way to 'The Three Friends', the team made up of Giuliani, the EU ambassador Gordon Sondland and the secretary of Energy Rick Perry, whom Trump charged with the mission of forcing Ukraine to investigate Biden.

The White House and the Republican Party have defended that the president has every right to ask another country to fight corruption, but the draft of the announcement that 'The Three Friends' demanded Zelensky reveals that it was not enough for them to purge the corruption. They demanded that he expressly mention Burisma, the code word to talk about Biden, in an interview with CNN.



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