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The next retreat on the ÖVP stage: ÖVP Vienna managing director Bernadette Arnoldner is also stepping down. Above all, Gernot Blümel’s withdrawal has confirmed her in this step, she writes in a personal statement.

“For me, his withdrawal means the loss of an excellent boss,” said Arnoldner. In addition, the new designated state party leader should of course also be able to choose his team himself, she explains her move. For a transitional period she will remain with the People’s Party team, then she will return to the private sector.

Fetched from Blümel four years ago

“Almost four years ago, Gernot Blümel moved me to step out of the private sector and into politics. Working with him was a wonderful experience for me, in which I learned a lot from him politically and personally, ”said Arnoldner. The highlight was the success at the Vienna election 2020.

“It was always clear to me that my political commitment was designed for a time and that, in the end, I would return to the private sector. This time has now come and I am resigning from my posts as state manager and not in charge of the city council ”.

APA/Herbert Pfarrhofer

Bernadette Arnoldner is also leaving the political stage

The 43-year-old Viennese has been the first female country manager of the Vienna ÖVP since the end of 2017. As this she led the election campaigns in the 2019 European elections, the 2019 National Council elections and the municipal council elections in the previous year. Since then she has not been a senior city councilor either.

Farewell farewell

Karl Mahrer has been the head of the state party since last Friday. The new Vienna ÖVP boss said goodbye: “Arnoldner is handing over a very well-ordered house – I wish her all the best for her personal and professional future with all my heart. It will always be and remain part of the Vienna People’s Party. “

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