Owners and dearest is not the first .. controversy and crises provoked by the work of Netflix

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Posted on: Monday, January 24, 2022 – 6:48 PM | Last update: Monday, January 24, 2022 – 6:53 PM

The movie “Friends and Dearest” was not the first artwork produced by the American network “Netflix” and raises controversy among users of social networking sites because of the boldness of the presentation and addressing controversial issues, including: suicide and violating the traditions of societies, especially Arab, and homosexuality; What sparked widespread controversy among its viewers during the recent period.

The film’s “Friends and Dearest” team was criticized and attacked by social media pioneers hours after it was shown on the American Netflix network, accusing it of promoting homosexuality and showing works that do not fit with the nature of Arab societies.

The hashtag “Owners and Dearest” has topped the search engines on social networking sites in the last hours, to become one of the most popular lists in the Arab world.

In this report, “Al-Shorouk” monitors the most prominent series and films produced by the Netflix network, which sparked widespread controversy in the following lines:

Owners nor dearest

It is the first Arab movie released by the network at the beginning of 2022. The film revolves around nine friends who meet for dinner and decide to play a game in which everyone places their mobile phones on the dinner table, provided that all new messages or calls are in full view of everyone.
And soon the game, which was initially fun and interesting, turns into many scandals and secrets that no one knew about, including the best friends.
The film has received many accusations and criticisms since the beginning of its presentation on Netflix, because of its departure from the values ​​of Arab societies governed by traditions and customs, and the audience described that the film promotes homosexuality, which led to demands to delete the film and file lawsuits against it.
The movie “Friends and Not My Dear”, starring Mona Zaki, Iyad Nassar, Adel Karam, Nadine Labaki, Diamond Abboud and George, and directed by Wissam Samira in his first directorial experience.

Al Rawabi School for Girls series

The series takes place in a school for teenage girls, where a group of girls bully others who are weaker than them, and because of the influence of one of them’s father, they can escape punishment, but as they continue to harm one of the girls and the rest are afraid of supporting her, she decides to take revenge for herself and her dignity and all the vulnerable girls, so she sets up a plan to indoctrinate the bullies. A hard lesson he will never forget.
The film was not limited to that, but it waived some issues and addressed them in a modern way, including; The impact of social networking sites on the lives of girls, their self-confidence, and how some can exploit minors through these platforms, in addition to sexual harassment, family disintegration, parents bullying their children, and the closing of some teenage girls to themselves, preferring loneliness.
The series Al Rawabi School for Girls faced some criticism and annoyed some who considered it a stigmatization of the Jordanian society, which would open the eyes of the sons of the conservative classes, especially girls, and aims to spoil their innocence.

Jenn series
A Jordanian series that deals with the story of a group of high school students who were on a trip in the tourist province of Petra. and save people.
The Jin series, shown in mid-2019, received many comments that described it as porn, and the series and its events did not touch the Arab community in general, especially Jordanian society, and transmitted silent ideas regarding sexual relations in a traditional society and the weak performance of the actors.
Which made Netflix respond and defend the series’ heroes in a post on its official website on Twitter, saying: “With regret, we have followed the current wave of bullying against the actors and crew in the series Jane, and we announce that we will not tolerate any of these actions and words outside the crew, our position has always been centered. We are based around the values ​​of diversity and inclusion, so we are working to provide a safe space for all series and movie fans around the region.”

The movie “Messiah”

The series revolves around an American intelligence operation that investigates a man claiming to be the Messiah who came with a divine message and that humans must follow.
The series sparked controversy even before it was shown, and the controversy continued after the show, as a large segment of the Arab masses, whether Muslims or Christians, rejected it, and considered it an insult to the personality of the Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him, while another large segment saw that the work does not take a specific religious position and that the political and social character dominates the religious Netflix was forced to delete the series after one season of its presentation.

cuties movie

It is a French drama film that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2020. The film revolves around a French-Senegalese girl living in Paris, who grew up in a traditional Islamic environment and is caught between traditional values ​​and the world of social media platforms that prompted her to do bold things.
The movie “Cuties” has sparked controversy since its advertisement by placing a poster showing four eleven-year-old girls in almost sexually complex dancer poses. The poster sparked widespread anger, which called on Netflix to withdraw the poster and apologize for it.
At the time of the movie’s publication on the platform, the British newspaper Daily Mail published a report explaining that the cuties movie had weakened the American network, Netflix, by a huge percentage due to the situation that accompanied the movie since it was first shown in September 2020, which was accused of promoting excessive sex for children, which led to the launch of a campaign to boycott netflix.
Netflix apologized in a statement on Twitter, “We are deeply sorry for the inappropriate artwork we used in the cuties, it wasn’t good, and it wasn’t representative of this French Sundance award-winning movie. We’ve now updated the images and description.”

Reasons why 13 مسلسل

A teenage drama series whose story revolves around “Clay Jensen” who returns home one day from school to find a box bearing his name on his balcony with cassette tapes recorded by his colleague “Hana Bakir” two weeks before her tragically committed suicide. The recording includes thirteen reasons that made her decide to end her life.
The series sparked controversy all over the world, when it addressed the problems of suicide and bullying among teenagers in America, and after a severe attack on the series, Netflix decided to stop the fifth part of the series.

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