Pa Lorerte | Chapter 3 – S2

After several days in the hospital, Mauricio surprises Dany and Isabel with their arrival at the house.

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Jorge (Manuel Sarmiento) arrives home and finds a letter from Catalina in which he says some emotional words and says goodbye to him and his daughter.

Mauricio (Sebastian Martinez) surprises Dany (Juliette Pardau) and Isabel (Hanny Vizcaino) with their arrival. When the designer sees his daughter, he does not hesitate to give her a hug and remember the moments he has spent with her. He also does it with Dany.

Mauricio explains to Dany why he was with Miranda at the hospital.

Lorenzo (Variel Sanchez) makes it clear to Mauricio that he is not going to return to the United States until he has recovered Dany’s love.

Juliana (Camila Jurado) learns that her mother left the country due to problems with the law, as she was an accomplice of Urdaneta.

Miranda talks to Dany and offers to help them financially. In addition, she confesses how much love she feels for him.


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