Pablo Casado announces that the PP is “not going to support the government’s decree” against the collapse of Justice


He criticizes that an organic law wants to be modified with a royal decree, and complains that Snchez has not proposed anything to him: “Not a role”

Pablo Casado; together with the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Daz Ayuso, on a visit to one of the hotels set up for toilets.
David Mudarra / PP

Resounding “no”. The PP does not support the Royal Decree that the Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo, bring to the Council of Ministers tomorrow. This is a standard with “procedural and organizational measures to deal with Covid-19 within the scope of the Administration of Justice”,

“That decree is not going to be supported, because an organic law cannot be modified by Royal Decree,” was the first argument that Pablo Casado gave to argue his refusal. “What the PSOE wants to negotiate, bring it to Congress; we don’t want parallel tables,” he added in an interview on EsRadio.

Gnova sources reveal to this newspaper that the PP ask that the rule return toCongress of Deputies, but as a bill. And then “I’ll see” if they support it. “It is not known.” For now, Casado “no” knows that the PSOE has opened a pact with the PP for this reform, since Pedro Snchez has not passed “not a role in the last month and a half.”

And sources close to the secretary of Justice of the PP, Enrique Lpez, assure that he knew “the main lines” of the decree “last Friday, like all the” autonomous councilors of Justice (Lpez has that position in the Government of theMadrid’s community).

In the judicial career, the situation that the courts will face when the collapse generated by Covid-19 ceases in the ICUs of Spanish hospitals is defined as “a hecatomb”. For this reason, the Ministry of Justice will bring to the Council of Ministers tomorrow a “specific action plan” in the area of ​​social and contentious-administrative jurisdictional orders, as well as in Commercial Courts, to try to minimize the damages that parn judicial decree during the state of alarm may cause citizens.

In the opinion of the leader of the opposition, rather than reform the Justice or launch a “counter reform” of education “in full alarm”, what the Government has to do is “that there be contact in matters of Finance and health.” At this point, Casado echoed the news in this newspaper about what happened at the Conference of Presidents: “Yesterday our regional presidents asked him for a fund like the European one, but the Government has said no, and has taken away their funds for training, does not give them the VAT of 2,500 million that it owes and does not pay to the 4 million Spaniards who receive ERTE “.

In this sense, it has intimately linked economy and health: “If there are no massive tests it is impossible for us to reopen the economy, and it is very difficult for there to be no outbreaks” of the virus. So that the PP places the tests on the entire population as the axis of the “de-escalation”.

Casado has gone further and criticized the government for targeting the judiciary: “Organic laws and the independence of the judiciary is essential. Now Snchez and Iglesias have targeted justice.” “Pablo Iglesias has lashed out against an actionable sentence, but above all by lying about what has happened,” he said, referring to the conviction ofIsa Serra.

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