Pablo Echarri’s spicy explanation about why he doesn’t choose polyamory: “I would love a festichola, but with my wife”

The years go by and their bond grows stronger and stronger. So much that Pablo Echarri rejects outright the possibility of betting on polyamory. Although he is willing to innovate, any change in the dynamics of the couple prefers to do it hand in hand with Nancy Dupláa.

In an interview with Estelita at home (America), The actor remarked that he does not want to open his partner and that the idea of ​​polyamory does not seduce him at all. “I do not agree with that, Estelita. I would not be able to exercise sex on the outside individually. It would give me a lot of apprehension if she left her day of polyamory,” revealed the actor, who is in a relationship with the actress. more than 20 years.

“Yes, I would love a threesome, a party, but sharing with my wife. Trust in between with an agreement.”

However, he made it clear that he is willing to innovate. Of course, as long as the plan involves Nancy! “Yes, I would love a trio, a festichola, but sharing with my wife. Trust in between with an agreement,” he said.

Zero polyamorous!


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