Pablo Escobar's brother brings out a folding smartphone – and has targeted Apple

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Pablo Escobar – that stands for money, power, drugs and brutal murders. And now also for a foldable smartphone. For on the death of his infamous brother on December 3, Roberto Escobar has presented a piece of technology that probably no one had expected.

The smartphone Escobar Fold 1 can, like the top models from Samsung or Huawei from this year, unfold and then use as a tablet. In contrast to the more than 2000 Euro expensive models of established manufacturers, the Escobar Phone but a device for the people. Despite allegedly built advanced technology – Snapdragon 855, 6GB of RAM and AMOLED screen in 7.8 inches – it should be a veritable bargain with only 349 dollars for the smaller model.

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Indestructible Apple Killer

In addition, Escobar promises that it is almost indestructible. "My phone can not break because it's not made of glass like Samsung's," he boasted to "Digital Times." "Our display is made of a special plastic and still has the best resolution, our plastic is very hard to destroy." Maybe he should rather ask at Samsung times: The Koreans put namely on a plastic screen. However, in the first version of the Galaxy Fold it broke so fast that the device had to be taken off the market for half a year and completely reworked.

In fact, Escobar, which this year brought its own flamethrower on the market, not even Samsung in the sights – but has it on Apple. "I've already told many people that I'm going to defeat Apple – and I'll do that," he tells Full Digital. He wanted to achieve this through the low price, the direct sale on his own website – and with a lawsuit against Apple. "We are preparing a lawsuit, cheating customers with worthless, overpriced equipment, and my lawyers are already preparing the lawsuit." It should start in January, but before that he wants to prove that his device is simply better.

Gangster Advertising

So that the customers can also access hard, Escobar relies on an in the technology field, well, unusual marketing campaign. The videos and promo pics teem with busty models in lingerie, much more reminiscent of rap videos or gangster porn. A misogynist and violence-glorifying aesthetics, from which the tech companies usually stay away for good reasons, is virtually celebrated at Escobar. You know his fan base.

Whether the dazzled by rogue glamor and sex customers are then happy with the device will have to show. Attentive observers have already pointed out that the Fold 1 is probably just a repainted version of the China folding phone Royole Flexpai. And that cut off rather moderately with the first testers. For a price of 350 euros you should expect no miracles.

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