Economy Pablo Iglesias turns on agrarian organizations by excluding them...

Pablo Iglesias turns on agrarian organizations by excluding them from the meeting with Work


New mess in the field. Late last night the Ministry of Labor decided to call the agrarian organizations from a meeting that they were going to hold both parties together with sector unions at the headquarters of the Ministry. The surprise, however, is that the unions were not called off and since ten in the morning they are meeting with Yolanda Díaz … and Pablo Iglesias. The presence of the second vice president was not originally planned and coincided in time with the displacement of organizations, which have shown their discomfort and disagreement with what happened today.

In the beginning the agricultural organizations Asaja, UPA and COAG, were convened last Wednesday to a meeting today on the former PER and other issues related to the labor reality in the field, according to sources consulted. An appointment for which representatives of these organizations had been called together with the Andalusian and Extremadura federations of UGT and Comisiones Obreras. Finally, late in the afternoon, she was postponed.

In parallel, from the Ministry of Labor, the graphic media were summoned to cover a meeting with the «agrarian unions» -UGT and Workers Commissions- in the Ministry of Labor with Minister Yolanda Díaz and to which Pablo Iglesias was incorporated.

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From Asaja, Ángel García Blanco, leader of the organization in Extremadura, said in a statement to TVE that from Work they have adduced “personal reasons” for that call and that they did not have well identified the interlocutors of the farm workers, but the The reality is that the cancellation of his presence, he denounced, coincides with the announcement that Vice President Pablo Iglesias would attend that meeting. According to Asaja, the call that they communicated on Thursday night at the last minute “is a tremendous nonsense” that reflects that the Government is “the stateroom of the Marx brothers.” “All they do is warm the environment because the situation in the countryside is critical,” said the Asaja director.

From COAG, its head of Labor Relations and maximum representative of this agrarian organization in Andalusia, Eduardo López, has been annoyed by the ideas and comings of the Ministry of Labor in the last hours. “We had to come the day before for Friday’s meeting first thing from Badajoz, in the case of my partner and I from Almeria: That means a cost in transportation and lodging.” To questions of ABC, the representative of COAG, has considered “very bad” the forms and regretted that there has only been meeting with the unions. «The actors of the agrarian part are already fixed at these meetings, at the institutionalized table: I ask that you respect our representativeness and its actors. Do not invent fictitious actors, ”said López, who says that in the agrarian subsidy reform“ if done reasonably, analyzing the impact on contractors and contractors ”they will have them as allies.

The representative of COAG has also expressed concern about the “content” of the meeting between Iglesias and Díaz with the unions, since in his opinion, any reform of the agricultural subsidy must “reward and encourage people to be willing to go to work : the more contributions paid, the greater the subsidy ». In this line, it has been open to extend a model that has considered that “allows to fix population in rural areas and stop emptying” to other autonomous communities such as Aragón and Castilla y Léon with the aim of “covering” demand from the hand of work and introduce agricultural income in the villages. .


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