Paco Ureña will kill Garcigrande’s run at the Fallas Fair

Paco Urena
, undisputed winner of the 2019 bullfighting season, finally has its place in the Fallas Fair, with the posters already very advanced.

Ureña, who chose Valencia last year as the scene of his reappearance after losing an eye in Albacete, will make the paseíllo on March 18 accompanied by Enrique Poncey Miguel Ángel Perera to kill Garcigrande’s run.

The bullfighter of Lorca, who chained triumphs from Valencia to the Pilar Fair, cut five ears in Las Ventas, with Puerta Grande included, and made history in Bilbao in an afternoon of four ears, a fact that had not happened since 1964.

This year his career walks hand in hand with José María Garzón after his break with Simón Casas, who is closing the last fringes of a fallero cycle with many incentives. This week Ureña has also terminated its professional relationship with its communication team, Theseus, the same as that of Simon Casas Production.

Among other posters of glitter in Fallas, are the hand-in-hand of Ponce – there will be a double – with Pablo Aguado, the great sensation of Seville, and those of Ferrera, Morante and Manzanares, with the run of Zalduendo, or that of Castella and Cayetano with Roca Rey, the highest grossing figure of recent times, in his European comeback on March 14. .

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