Padilla and Ruiz Manuel, the other hand in hand in the final of the Andalusian Bullfighting Circuit




Next Sunday in the final of the Andalusian bullfighting circuit in Atarfe there will be a duel between Jorge Martínez and Manuel Perera. Behind them are two men, two teachers, two bullfighters who guide their learning in these beginnings as bullfighters. Behind the tables there will be another duel between Ruiz Manuel and Juan José Padilla, proxies for the two finalists of the Circuit.

Each city has its bullfighter already Ruiz Manuel all good fans recognize him as the bullfighter of Almería. Artistic director of the city’s bullfighting school, he saw something in him since Jorge Martínez entered the school. For just a couple of weeks he has been, in addition to his teacher, his agent and he is sure that Jorge will be the winner of the final: «I saw something from him from the beginning. He arrived at the bullfighting school when he was 16 years old, but had only fought three or four minor celebrations. It came very green, but it came with its innate qualities that have been shaped and worked with the technique that a bullfighter must acquire. Above all is that something that an artist must have and that ambition you have to have a bullfighter. If you put these two things together in good workmanship and a good apprenticeship, it becomes a bullfighter project as important as Jorge is ».

Note among the professionals of the sector and among the amateurs the runruú that has been taking Jorge Martinez since the Circuit began: «It is the result of a lot of effort, his first, and a lot of sacrifice that now appears. Right now Jorge has what the fans know how to see, which is above the ordinary and I hope it continues like this. We just started and you have to go with leaded feet but it is true that the fans have been delighted with very few heifers because they have seen something, he has qualities ».

We asked him about getting excited again from another point of view: «The only thing we can do is not take what we have acquired, on the contrary. I am very excited about Jorge, it is difficult to find that illusion again after hanging up the suit of lights, but I have the illusion To flower of skin because it is a satisfaction to see him as he is right now.

Everyone knows the personality and delivery of Juan Jose Padilla. He has been demonstrating it since his inception more than two decades ago as a bullfighter and now being the right hand of Manuel Perera. Fate united them after the serious car accident that Perera suffered in 2019 and that was the first contact. From then on, fate brought them together and their mutual support has been ratified in recent months, especially after the very serious fuck who suffered in Vistalegre in May. They have real admiration and appreciation for each other.

We asked him about the effort Manuel made to get to the Circuit on that first date of his in Cazorla: «Thank God, he has put great will and total dedication after his very serious mishap in Vistalegre to be on the Circuit, because he recognizes the importance that it means for him. We were all surprised that after that very serious accident in Vistalegre come back to face of the calf and does not remember anything ».

Manuel Perera has a different way of being in the ring and in the square and it is as if he transformed when he dressed in lights, his costume Super Hero: «He is a very shy boy with his mind set on the bull and his truth is there. The kid always recovers first of all because he has a tremendous personality. He steps on certain grounds and goes with great truth in front of the bull ».

The teacher Padilla knows the importance that his pupil is in the final of the contest because «he is a future launch and he knows that winning is what is going to make a difference. Has gotten into his head be figure of bullfighting ».

He assumes the responsibility of managing his career “because one wants to take his career as well as possible and take care of it as much as possible”, although in reality he feels “very excited to be a new and different stage, and I try to make the path as flat as possible within the difficulty posed by the bull. I am dedicated to Manuel all day ».

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