The disputed vote of the digital citizen | Trends

The electronic vote had its initial development in the second half of the last century. Simple electromechanical devices were responsible for collecting the marks made on the ballots of the voters to later analyze them and transform them into votes in favor of the candidates. In the 1960s the US government first implemented its use … Read more

New Aquitaine: they invent a fixation to block parasols

Marie Sophie and Elisabeth Tauzin may help all those who desperately want to hold their parasols on the sand in strong winds. The two sisters from Casteljaloux (Lot-et-Garonne) have just invented the "PoppyBeach", a plastic fastener that took them many months to develop before commercialization. "We really racked our brains before designing the final version … Read more

Build faster with scouring (

Photo: Lukas Schulze / dpa Transportation infrastructure projects may take a while. Fairly long. That wants to change Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU). He wants to have a series of building measures passed by law by the Bundestag, thereby shortening the approval procedure. Also, because citizens and associations of legal recourse to administrative courts should … Read more

Nuclear: IAEA deems "unacceptable" Iran's attitude towards its inspector

According to an Iranian official, traces of an explosive substance were found on her during a check. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said Thursday it was "not acceptable" that Tehran "temporarily prevented" one of its inspectors in Iran from leaving the country because of suspicions against him . "Preventing an inspector from leaving a … Read more