Emmanuel Macron arrives for three days in Reunion

Emmanuel Macron, earlier in his trip to the Indian Ocean. – Jacques Witt / SIPA A general strike to welcome the president: after Mayotte and a hook by the Scattered Islands, Emmanuel Macron arrives Wednesday on an island of Reunion still in acute social crisis, one year after the movement of "yellow vests". The Head … Read more

Chef change at Nike brings McDermott to the forefront of SerciveNow

Most recently, the scandal surrounding Nike's controversial training center called the Oregon Project, whose boss Alberto Salazar was banned for violating anti-doping rules, was added. According to emails and files cited by US media, athletics trainer Salazar Parker allegedly informed several times about testosterone experiments. The affair also brought criticism to the Nike boss who … Read more

Swedish word of the day: lillördag

Lillördag means ‘little Saturday’ and comes from the words lille (little) and lördag (Saturday). Today, it’s an alternative word for… Wednesday. But why? In times gone by, maids and servants might have to work on Saturdays, and were given one weekday off work instead, usually midweek. So Wednesday (usually onsdag in Swedish, getting its name … Read more

Tax tip: save taxes when building a house

Dhe building a home costs time and above all money. The state supports families with the so-called Baukindergeld in the first purchase of self-used residential real estate. For eligibility, some conditions must be met, such as the annual taxable household income may not exceed 90 000 € in a child, plus 15 000 € per … Read more