the Monegasque revenge of Islam Slimani

After three complicated seasons in England and Turkey, the Algerian, replacing at the African Cup of Nations, multiplies the goals and assists in Ligue 1. By Alexis Billebault Posted yesterday at 22:00 Time to Reading 2 min. Striker Islam Slimani during a match in Strasbourg on 1 September 2019. FREDERICK FLORIN / AFP Already five … Read more

an evolutionary adventure enlightened by their DNA

Where does the flourishing plant inventiveness come from, illustrated by the arrival of flowering plants, 150 to 180 million years ago? An explosion of genetic innovations, says a study published in "Nature", the result of nine years of work. By Florence Rosier Posted today at 17:00 Time to Reading 5 min. Subscribers article A green … Read more

The last American hero is a dog | International

The last American hero is "beautiful" and "talented." In the subsoil of a remote residence in the Syrian region of Idlib, he chased through a tunnel to Abubaker Al Bagdadi, leader of the Islamic State (ISIS), the most wanted terrorist by the United States, until he, cornered, detonated his explosive vest taking off life. The … Read more