Pakistan: Usman, and Charlot de Peshawar

My name is Usman Khan. I come from a poor family in Peshawar. I became the Pakistani Charlot to bring happiness to people, to dispel their tensions and their sorrows. This is my mission “, explains the street artist. The revelation came with the pandemic of Covid-19. To slip into the Charlie Chaplin’s skin, the ex-street vendor takes care of the smallest details, from inside-out shoes to socks with holes.

“When the coronavirus was raging around us, a lot of people were very stressed, some even lost their lives. I too was very sick. After four days, when I started to get a little better, I watched Charlie Chaplin movies and I thought I was going to play like him “, confie Usman Khan. Since then, wherever he does his show, Usman destabilizes, sometimes irritates, to make passers-by laugh. He posts videos of his performances on his account OnlyTook followed by more than 800,000 people. A success that he “swear to god“share “with the poor” when he has made his fortune. Usman hopes to make a career in television or film.

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