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Palangchon meets Dec. 18, a general meeting. ready to fight the next election

Palangchon meets Dec. 18, a general meeting. ready to fight the next election

Sura Techatat, the secretary-general of the Palang Chon Party, said that the 2021 general meeting will be held on December 18 from 9:00 a.m. at the Bangsaen Heritage Hotel, Saensuk Subdistrict, Mueang District. Chonburi, Chonburi Province, the meeting agenda is as follows: Report on the activities of the party certify financial statements certifying the minutes of the general meeting of the party in 2020 Promotion for people to participate in activities with the party including considering plans for political activities in the coming years

this meeting It is expected that there will be no change in position. party executive committee As for the news spreading in the area, the Phalang Chon Party has placed candidates in each district. It is a news release that distorts the facts of those who do not wish well. The person who has carried out activities and has worked with the party all along, the party respects and honors everyone. honor each district In order to select candidates for each district, each area has a party procedure. must be considered by the party’s committee

“In the next election Even though I don’t know when it will happen But the Phalang Chon Party will definitely send a candidate in the name of the party to vote in the election. Confirm that we are not a branch party. I’m not a nomini or preparing to merge with anyone. We will fight in the election field according to the ideology, guidelines, directions, policies of the party,” said Sura.

When asked about the case of Mr. Sonthirat Sontijirawong, former energy minister with the news that it will come out and set up a political party itself Mr Sura said Still don’t know the facts But if working in politics it is good is the right of each person personally respect the decision It’s an opportunity for those with ideas. will come together to carry out political activities It is considered to be diverse, useful and an alternative to the people. more in the future Economic problems would be a big problem for the country. and of the people Therefore, it is necessary to have a political party that offers solutions to economic problems. Therefore, there must be someone who has the knowledge Economic capacity to solve problems I repeat that in the next election We will only send candidates for the Phalang Chon Party.

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