Palestinian Authority announces resumption of coordination with Israel

According to the analysis of the Israeli newspaper Ha’Aretz, this logical decision is one of the first consequences of Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election.

Just five months ago, the Palestinian Authority cut all contact with Israel. At the time, the “deal of the century”, the plan for settling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict of the American president, Donald Trump, very favorable to Israel, made the headlines of all the newspapers. And, in the process, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proposed to annex around a third of the West Bank.

On November 17, Ramallah announced that it was backing down and resuming security coordination with Tel Aviv, straight out of the Oslo accords, in 1993. Ha’Aretz, which quotes Israeli and Palestinian officials, explains why this decision comes precisely now: the resumption of this coordination was made possible, says the newspaper, because the Israelis made it clear to their interlocutors that they were still determined to implement the agreements.

Quoted by the Israeli newspaper, Palestinian Minister of Civil Affairs Hussein Al-Sheikh said:

On the basis of the Israeli re-engagement to apply all bilateral agreements, we have decided to resume our relations as they existed on May 19. ”

Relief for Israeli security officials

For Amos Harel, the specialist in security affairs for the major opposition daily, this decision had become essential because of Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election, which is bearing its first fruits.

The journalist also speaks of the relief of Israeli security officials, for whom the freezing of coordination was cause for concern.

For his part, Jack Khoury, the reporter of Ha’Aretz in charge of Palestinian affairs, says in another article that the reversal of the leadership of the Palestinian Authority demonstrates that their policy of the past few months was a mistake, and provides further evidence that the Palestinian leadership is handling affairs without a clear strategy.

Ha’Aretz concludes:

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is using the political upheaval in the United States to ‘come down from the tree’, which can only alleviate the distress in which the Palestinian Authority finds itself. ”


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