Palma Futsal denounces racist insults against Diego Nunes in Zaragoza

El Palma has denounced that a sector of the fans of Emotion Zaragoza uttered racist insults against the player Diego Nunes during the match of the twenty-second day of the First Division of futsal, played in the CDM XXI Century of the Aragonese capital.

The Balearic club indicates on its website that «at the end of the meeting there was a repudiable event and that we must be able to eradicate in the sport with racist shouts of content in a sector of the pavilion that called the player Diego Nunes of” monkey, monkey ” some fans present in the game and that provoked the anger of the player and teammates as they headed the way to the locker room ».

«From the entity we want to emphasize that these types of attitudes cannot be tolerated either in the pavilions or outside them. It is everyone’s responsibility to act against these behaviors and set an example so that they do not recur. Institutions, clubs and fans. There is no place to silence and we can only solve it by denouncing to expel these energumnos from the tracks. Whatever the team they are, ”says Palma Futsal.

The arbitration record does not reflect these songs at the end of the match, in which the Balearic team won by 0-2. .

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