Palmeiras: DT Abel Ferreira dedicated the 2020 Copa Libertadores title to Marcelo Gallardo | VIDEO | NCZD | FOOTBALL-INTERNATIONAL

The day that River Plate was one step away from eliminating Palm Trees in the semifinals of the Liberators cup, Abel Ferreira, coach of the Brazilian club, and Marcelo Gallardo, coach of the ‘Millonario’, crossed paths after the final whistle. The coaches spoke briefly and then went about their business. Without a doubt, one of the most striking images of that duel.

Later, the Portuguese strategist publicly revealed what he shared with the ‘Doll’ in that conversation. “Gallardo is better than me,” he acknowledged. And the praise of the Portuguese did not end that day, because last Saturday, after winning the continental trophy, he remembered ‘Napoleon’ again and even dedicated the conquest to him.

“Many people asked me what I had said to Gallardo in the final of the Libertadores. I told him that I was going to win this competition and I wanted to dedicate a percentage of this victory. Because if I’m a better coach today, it’s also thanks to him, that was exactly what I told him at the end of the game. And he told me now go win it for me “Ferreira assured.

“That was the conversation, they also deserved to be there because of the game they played here, not the one there, we were much better in the first game and we should have killed the tie there. I remember him because if I’m a better coach I also owe it to Gallardo “added DT Palmeiras to express admiration for his River Plate colleague.

Palmeiras focuses on the Club World Cup

At another point in the press conference, the ‘Verdao’ coach said they have little time for celebrations because now they must think about the next competition: the Club World Cup. Likewise, the Portuguese recognized that the Brazilian club still has more to conquer.

“We are going to celebrate, but we have to get back to work soon. It’s good to feel this emotion, but we have to go back to training when before because there are still many more things to conquer. I haven’t studied the rivals yet. I am not prepared to answer that question. We are going to enjoy the title now and then I will prepare to answer that question ”, concluded Ferreira.

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