Palmeiras knocked out Independiente del Valle in Brazil 5-0 in group A of the Copa Libertadores | Football | sports

(Video) Abel Ferreira beat Renato Paiva in the Portuguese DTs duel thanks to a double by Rony, Luiz Adriano, Patrick de Paula and Danilo Barbosa.


Using the same formula that led him to win the title in the last edition of the Copa Libertadores, Palmeiras beat the Ecuadorian Independiente del Valle 5-0 this Tuesday in Sao Paulo and established himself at the top of Group A of the tournament.

Abel Ferreira beat Renato Paiva in the Portuguese coaches’ duel thanks to a double by Rony (11, 74) and scores by Luiz Adriano (20), Patrick de Paula (65) and Danilo Barbosa (81), at the Allianz stadium Park, in the South American metropolis.

The ‘Verdao’ once again put into practice the pragmatic football style, based on fast transitions and high pressure, which led him to lift his second Libertadores in the 2020 tournament.

With the victory, the Brazilians are leaders in the area with six points, the product of their 3-2 victory against Universitario in Lima last week, in the opening of the group stage, while the Ecuadorians are third, after drawing 1- 1 with Defense and Justice in Quito. The Argentines (second) will host the Peruvians (bottom) on Wednesday.

Get back on track

Palmeiras chased away, at least for now, the ghosts that visited him over the weekend, when he lost 2-1 to Mirassol, a Brazilian third division team, in the Paulista Championship.

The setback left the aspiration to qualify for the quarterfinals of the regional tournament battered, but it served to revive them in the cup match and recover the charm that allowed them to raise the Libertadores in the Maracana.

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In the last edition of the Cup, Palmeiras was enthusiastic when he fiercely pressed the exit of his rivals. Thus he made them lose the ball and their attackers, fast, hurt without mercy.

The formula was recast in the final stretch of the previous season, when Ferreira opted for more conservative approaches.

But on the night of São Paulo and in front of a compatriot, Abel dusted off the proposal he brought from Europe and the ‘Verdao’ lit up again.

Always sharp in the area, Rony capitalized, in a shrapnel with the right hand, a qualification of Raphael Veiga after an error in the exit of the Ecuadorians.

Moisés Ramírez barely moved his arms, although minutes later he tested his reflexes, especially the ability of his left hand, on a far left foot from De Paula.

The midfielder gave him no respite and seconds later, almost from midfield, this time as an assistant, he leaked a ball between the centrals. William Pacho erred in deflecting the ball and Luiz Adriano, who was coming like a rocket, finished the game.


From then on, the intelligent Brazilians managed the game, despite the fact that the blue-blacks seized the ball.

Palmeiras withdrew and held onto his three centrals, a tactical variant that Ferreira has perfected and that was comfortable to contain the Ecuadorian attack, decimated by the last-minute absence of Argentine gunner Christian Ortiz.

The ‘Matagigantes’ did not explain the loss, although the day before it reported that one of its players was contaminated with covid-19.

Without Ortiz, the responsibility fell on the Argentine Lorenzo Faravelli and the Paraguayan Brian Montenegro.

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The midfielder, with a right hand close to the crescent (50), and the attacker, in a left foot face to face (55), tested Weverton, who flew to eliminate the problems.

But the emotion remained local patent. Ramírez saved a first shot from De Paula, but the rebound was unimpeded.

Later, Rony shot him after a gallop by Victor Luis to the left. And Danilo Barbosa, headed after a corner, scored his first goal with Palmeiras since returning from Europe. (D)

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