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An American pigeon would have traveled about 15,000 kilometers to land in Melbourne, thus defying the strict regulations of the island regarding quarantine and causing the commotion of the authorities.

Melbourne resident Kevin Chelli Bird discovered the dove in front of his house the day after Christmas, according to Australian media.

He wore a ring on his paw, which revealed that “Joe”, nicknamed thus in reference to the president-elect of the United States, would have been lost during a race that took place in October in the United States, explained Chelli Bird to the Herald Sun newspaper.

This made it possible to track down the owner of “Joe,” who lives in Alabama. “We believe that during the race she deviated, headed out to sea, landed on a boat and was taken away”, he joked in Wednesday’s edition of the newspaper.

However, this epic journey is not amusing to the Australian authorities, since the bird violated strict entry measures to the continent.

“As it has not been legally prepared for importation or imported, the health situation of this bird and of all those with whom it has been in contact since its departure and before its arrival is unknown ”, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Agriculture said in a statement.

“This represents a biosecurity risk for Australian avian fauna and our poultry industry,” he added.

It must be euthanized because it arrived from the United States without having completed the quarantine.

Australia imposes very strict regulations on animals to prevent the spread of disease. Cats and dogs from the United States are subjected to 10 days of quarantine.


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