Pamela Díaz and her relationship with the parents of her children: “I have been supporting my children for 13 years alone”

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The popular model and television presenter, Pamela Diaz She is known for being one of the people most loved by the Creole show business due to the fact that she is very direct and open when giving her opinion.

This time, the Fiera made news for some very personal statements to the program “Digital Sins” from MEGA, about the relationship she has had with the parents of her children and the difficult task of being a single mother.

Some time ago on social networks, he uploaded a story on his Instagram account in which he appeared waiting in a bank for alimony for one of his children. “I raised that because I was two and a half hours standing in line at the bank (…) They did not deposit me, but I passed that on to the lawyer,” Diaz began.

“It’s a super complicated topic (…) I don’t feel bad or good telling it, because they are the parents of my children and they know the whole truth. I don’t have much to hide (…) I have been supporting my children for 13 years alone, and before I never asked for anything because I said: ‘What for?’ added.

On the other hand, he put the difference between the relationship that his children, Mateo and Trini have with their father. “They get along well. Mateo and Trini get along very well with their dad, I don’t. “He emphasized in his current relationship with Manuel Neira.

Then she continued delving into how difficult the situation is to stay alone with her children and especially when she was without work, “I no longer had the lucas from before and finally needed to be ‘miti miti’. It’s not that I’m asking for myself, it’s the basics, but it wasn’t, until today, ”he commented.

“When they get sick, pay an isapre, worried that if I lose my hit I’m screwed (…) You have to answer in so many things.” continued commenting “The fair”.

However, one of the most sensitive topics for her was talking about the situation of her daughter under 4 years old, who has no contact with her father, “What do I do if the father does not want to see her for two years? He is not interested ”, he concluded by questioning.

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