Pamela Díaz gave more details of Jordi Castell’s break with her husband

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A couple of days ago it was the same Juan Pablo Montt who announced his separation with George Castell, later it was the same photographer who confirmed the definitive end of their relationship.

This topic was addressed by the program “Me Late Prime”, and Pamela Diaz was in charge of revealing unknown antecedents of the bankruptcy.

“I think that in a super mature way, both of them decided to separate because things didn’t work anymore,” said “La Fiera” in the program. Then, he declared that the problems between the two came from a long time ago.

“There was already a problem between them, in fact, when I went to see him, he had been in Chiloé for 6 months, alone. They were estranged for a long time due to their work ”, he revealed.

So much so, that at that time Castell told him that he planned to return to Santiago, with the intention of “seeing if this thing was saved.”

“Then unfortunately the death of the dog happens and, after that, I think there is a heavy break … They are internal problems that cannot be discussed … Things that did not fit between them,” concluded the model.

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