Pamela Díaz shares funny video with JP Cretton

Jean Phillipe Cretton and Pamela Díaz shared various records of the weekend they had as a family on social networks. The couple decided to weather the heat at the cheerleader’s house.

And it seems that they did not care much the predictions of the tarot readers who claimed that their relationship was a game.

“I have almost no filters”

In fact, The fair shared in his instagram account several videos where he is seen enjoying the sun with Cretton ..

At one of the records, Pamela greets the pipol and asks Jean Phillipe if she likes the way it looks with a filter, as she considers it to be “beautiful and divine”. However, he plays “dead” without answering, unleashing the cheerleader’s laughter.

Later, Pamela uploaded another record where she says: “I have almost no filter”, while Cretton told her “show me, look, I’m not like that” and fell like dead again.

“When he doesn’t care what I’m talking about, he plays dead,” La Pame joked.

Look at the funny video that Pamela Díaz shared

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