Pamela Jiles gave her support to Marcela Vacarezza for the adoption of Benjamin: “I know how you have dedicated yourself” | TV and Show

Last weekend the marriage between Rafael Araneda and Marcela Vacarezza released great news by announcing that they had adopted a boy of Haitian origin whose name is Benjamin.

The news generated a lot of support for the aforementioned family, although a group of people also criticized them negatively, supposedly for having adopted a foreign child.

That made the former panelist of Good morning to all defend his decision, stating that: “Those who spit their shit (because there is no other word) just thank them for making me discover that I still have the capacity for astonishment discovering that human misery can always be more.”

In this context, the deputy Pamela Jiles gave her support to the communicator via social media, stating that he knew the family was raising the little one for a while.

“Marcela: I have known for two years the existence of Benjamin in your family and I know how you have dedicated yourself to him ”, Indian.

To which he added that: “Who allow themselves to criticize you from their comfort, ask how many children they have adopted.”

That tweet was answered by the also psychologist: “Thank you Pamela. So is. It is a tremendous blessing like your two precious ones ”.

It should be noted that, a few years ago, Jiles had made it known that together with her husband they had adopted two children from Sename, who were brothers.

“I don’t want there to be children who don’t have a mom or dad to protect them. I do not want to, I cannot resist that there are children in this country who are at this moment in a home abandoned, thrown away, who grow up with the feeling that no one loved them, that they were thrown away, thrown away, “he told the El Cubo program in 2017.


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