Pampita was moved by the stories of Tito Díaz and Jony Lazarte, the folklore dancers of ShowMatch: “It’s difficult to come from the interior”

ShowMatch: The surprise to the dancer Jony Lazarte

The disco discipline at La Academia took a break and opened the door to two exciting life stories. Of efforts and of overcoming; of dreams fulfilled and to be fulfilled; of legacies and gratitudes. The dancers Johnatan Lazarte -couple of Angela Leiva– Y Ernesto “Tito” Diazpartner of Viviana Saccone-, were the great protagonists of Tuesday of ShowMatch, and for one night, they took all the glances.

Jony and Tito had been adding minutes on the air of the El Trece show. With his prying eye intact, the driver Marcelo tinelli It was improvising a parallel contest in which the folkloric dances won a preponderant place. Thus, both were showing their skills and generating the admiration of all. Until one day they were summoned to a duel. And the fans came from everywhere.

The first to dance was Jony Lazarte, who chose “La taleñita” by Chaqueño Palavecino, which he defined as a carpera zamba, “more spicy and less romantic than the traditional zamba”. But before starting, the production played its first surprise with a video. The dancer saw himself in boy images and heard the encouragement of his sisters, belt Y Sandra, his face changed. When mom Rule and dad Antonio They told the pride they felt for him, he had already loosened. And he burst into tears when he saw himself on the screen talking, laughing, budding with his grandmother.

“She was everything: I lived with her, worked for her, danced to pay for her prosthesis. She left a little while ago and she was very happy when I was here, she didn’t sleep until two in the morning to wait for me, “Jony said through tears, and leaned against the driver’s restraint: “My soul breaks with happiness, I have it on the surface”, he admitted before showing off with the dance.

ShowMatch: the surprise to the dancer Tito Díaz

By the time Jony finished, Tito was ready to show his talent, but not to fall into the driver’s trap. Marcelo asked him about his family, and particularly about his sister Florence. “She is in Villa Dolores with her boyfriend, Aldo,” the dancer said innocently without knowing what awaited him. “If one day they allow me to bring it,” he said almost without hope. For him there was also a video with a family message, which he thanked with tears and had special words for the production for giving him the opportunity to work. But there was more to do.

Marcelo gave the OK for the dance, when the set was opened and Florencia entered, who was not in Villa Dolores with Aldo but on the ShowMatch floor dressed to dance with her brother. They gave each other an endless hug, while the cameras struck out the jury, participants and dancers who could not stop crying. “How beautiful to see the study!”Florence pointed out, not quite believing it.

Pampita’s emotion for the history of the dancers

The brothers stood out with “La alejada”, the zamba with which they remembered so many childhood dances in Mina Clavero, which were reproduced in the photographs on the giant screen. But it did not end there, and after the session, Tinelli brought in Ester, the mother of the dancers, so that the emotion was complete.

Things were not ready to make decisions and the driver exempted the jury from voting, at least for tonight. The most moved was undoubtedly Pampita, who saw in these stories many similarities with her own path, and shared her feelings with Teleshow: “It is difficult to get from the interior, you have to row it, there are always good people who help you. One comes with dreams, innocence, nerves to conquer the world and there are a lot of things with which I feel identified, “said the jury that did not save praise for the dancers.

“They are both so divine, they have fought it so much. They value being on this track, they enjoy it. I love that they gave him this gift and that people know a little more about them“Said the native of La Pampa who did not stop crying for a second:” I would hug them. I hate this covid that does not allow me to go give them a big hug, “he lamented.


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