Panda weekly offers and huge discounts on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan

Panda weekly offers and huge discounts on all products, devices, and goods, especially for the approaching month of Ramadan, and the approaching Mother’s Day, so hurry up to buy before the offer runs out, and buy one Devices It was presented by Lest Al Habayeb on Mother’s Day, and the happiest of her, the offer is valid from Wednesday, March 3, 2021, until Tuesday, March 9, 2021.

Item weekly offers on electrical appliances

Progress Item offers Tremendous on Electrical and household appliances Because the blessed month of Ramadan is approaching.

  • Moulinex mixer, the area of ​​4 liters, is priced at 499 riyals instead of 949 riyals.
  • Ajano Colin, a space of 5 liters, at 239 riyals instead of 439 Saudi riyals.
  • Kenwood food processor, at 279 SAR instead of 379 SAR.
  • ITC fryer, 5.5-liter space, at 249 riyals instead of 659 riyals.
  • A fryer without Koolen oil, a 2-liter dryer, at 119 riyals instead of 265 Saudi riyals.
  • An electric pressure cooker in Sonson, 6 liter space, at 239 riyals instead of 399 Saudi riyals.
  • Brown food processor, at 299 riyals instead of 399 riyals.
  • Kenwood electric kettle, priced at 99 riyals instead of 169 Saudi riyals.
  • Geepas juicer (4in1), at 99 riyals instead of 189 Saudi riyals.
  • Panda weekly offers 17 (1)
  • Click-on cold and hot water dispenser, at 279 riyals instead of 439 riyals, with free delivery.
  • Dora hot and cold water dispenser, at 349 riyals instead of 349 riyals.
  • Click-on electric kettle, with a space of 1.8 liters, at 39 riyals instead of 59 Saudi riyals.
  • The Kenwood sandwich maker, at 119 SAR instead of 149 SAR,
  • Sharp microwave, 20-liter space at 219 riyals instead of 319 Saudi riyals, and save 100 Saudi riyals.
  • ATC electric oven, space of 45 liters, price 199 riyals instead of 365 Saudi riyals.
  • Tefal sandwich maker, at 199 riyals instead of 299 Saudi riyals, and save about 100 Saudi riyals.
  • Panda weekly deals 16 (1)Panda weekly deals 16 (1)

Item offers weekly on home appliances

Progress Item offers And huge discounts on its products on the occasion of Mother’s Day and the month of Ramadan.

  • Three-layer Royal Ford stainless steel food steamer for 49 SAR instead of 78 SAR.
  • Aluminum cookware set covered with Royal Ford marble, 7 pieces, at 89 SAR instead of 147 SAR.
  • Panda weekly offers 21 (1)Panda weekly offers 21 (1)
  • Tefal frying pan 28 cm, at 59 riyals instead of 85 Saudi riyals.
  • Tefal frying pan 30 cm, at 65 riyals instead of 90 Saudi riyals.
  • Tefal frying pan 32 cm, at 69 riyals instead of 98 Saudi riyals.
  • Kibbeh oven trays set, 4 pieces, sizes 20, 26, 34, 38 cm, at 299 SAR instead of 475 SAR.
  • Korkmaz Astra cookware set, 9 pieces, at 299 riyals instead of 459 riyals.

Panda discounts on special cosmetics for children

  • Baby Joy wet wipes (150 wipes), for a piece of 24.95 riyals instead of 31.50 riyals.
  • Baby shampoo with Apricot and Ultra Doux Cotton Flower (400 ml), for the pill at 12.95 riyals instead of 19.95 riyals.
  • Johnson’s baby shampoo (500 ml), for the pill at 19.95 riyals instead of 29.95 Saudi riyals.
  • Johnson’s Cotton Touch Powder (400g) / 2-in-1 Cotton Touch Lotion (500ml), the pill at 34.95 SAR.
  • Panda weekly offers 11 (1)Panda weekly offers 11 (1).
  • Baby Seba Med baby shampoo (250 ml), the price of 2 tablets is 49.95 riyals instead of 63.90 riyals.
  • Half price offer on Nunu baby shampoo (1 liter), per pill at 15.95 riyals instead of 32.50 riyals.
  • Johnson’s No More Tangles Baby Shampoo (500 ml), per pill, at 24.95 SAR.
  • Nestle Tan Optipro 4 infant formula (400 gm), 2 tablets at 44.95 riyals instead of 67 riyals
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