Pandemic reveals weaknesses in the economy

Wohin only with all the money? The never-ending flooding of the monetary system by central banks and governments poses the same question for savers, investors, companies and financial service providers. The hope was on the generous economic stimulus to stimulate investment and demand with a lot of money, which loses its value over time, even while productions came to a standstill during the pandemic lockdowns and workers could not leave their homes.

The strategy worked: after an unprecedented slump in the economy and the stock markets, an exemplary recovery set in after a while. Stock indices keep reaching new heights and the economy is growing again. In 2020 the economy in the euro zone shrank by 6.5 percent. For this year, Helaba is forecasting 5.1 percent growth. Other financial service providers are also cautiously optimistic about the future. The major Swiss bank Credit Suisse expects 5.3 percent. For 2022, the forecasts are a little more cautious. At least 4.6 percent is what they say at DWS, the fund house of Deutsche Bank. It is said that 4.2 percent from Switzerland, and in Frankfurt’s Main Tower, 3.9 percent are skeptics.


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