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Pantailak Euskaraz has presented a manifesto in favor of audiovisuals in Basque

Representatives of many of the actors who joined the manifesto gathered at the rally. / p.e.

Given the “declining presence of the Basque language” in the world, ten measures have been proposed for the whole of the Basque Country, including “its own Audiovisual Laws that will legally regulate the area as a whole”.

Although the Durango Fair was created to give visibility to Basque books and records, the Durango Fair has spread to other areas of creation and culture, and the audiovisual that has such a great impact on today’s society cannot be an exception. Irudienea has its own audiovisual space at the Fair, where Pantailak Euskaraz has presented the ‘Manifesto in favor of audiovisuals in Basque’, which has received the support of many actors in the field of Basque culture, education and audiovisuals. He has also read about the current Spanish General Audiovisual Law process.

“Given the declining presence of the Basque language in the ever-increasing and wider audiovisual world, and the possible consequences of this situation for the Basques in the present and, above all, in the future, the necessary measures to ensure a future in our language.” The actors who promoted the manifesto mentioned that the current legislation refers to “the right of citizens to receive audiovisuals in our language and the obligation of institutions to guarantee this”.

The main aim of the ten measures proposed is to “take firm steps in the normalization of the language, to promote and disseminate audiovisual production in Basque, to strengthen quality dubbing and subtitling, and to promote the consumption of Basque culture and audiovisuals”. They have proposed measures for the whole of the Basque Country and therefore call on the political parties and actors in the Basque Autonomous Community, the Autonomous Community of Navarre and the Northern Basque Country to »

Ten measures

The first measure is to clarify and increase public funding for the Basque language audiovisual sector, which is considered a strategic sector in many ways. The second and third measure they propose is to strengthen Euskal Irrati Telebista and turn it into a tool for the normalization of the Basque language, and the third is to create a Basque streaming platform that will “create international content created and translated into Basque”. At the same time, they demand “guaranteeing and increasing the presence of Basque on the main streaming platforms”, as according to the latest data, half of Basque speakers – eight out of ten young people – consume content on platforms where Basque is almost non-existent. In this sense, they consider it essential to “influence the new General Audiovisual Laws of the States in order to guarantee the presence of the Basque language, setting minimum quotas for the Basque language, both for Basque production and in the amount of duplicate and subtitled content in Basque in the catalog”. Basque language content should be guaranteed on Netflix, HBOmax, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video and other platforms, “taking the necessary measures”

One of the measures is to create and promote the presence of the Basque language in video games, video games and creative platforms and social networks. As in the rest, they are broken down into sections, and the proposal is also very detailed, proposing measures for each area.

They see the need to “create their own Audiovisual Laws that will legally regulate the area as a whole”, “in the territorial administrations that have this competence”. The ninth measure is the creation of its own Audiovisual Council in each territorial administration, adding that “the responsibility of this Council will be in particular to ensure that the linguistic rights of Basque speakers are respected”. Finally, they demand that Spanish and French public channels provide content in Basque. “As a publicly funded radio and television group, RTVE and Groupe France Télévisions, we urge them to ensure the linguistic diversity of the states in their programming and to provide content in Basque.

Adherence to many actors

The manifesto has been widely accepted by the following actors: AEK, APIKA Audiovisual Producers Association, Bertsozale Elkartea, Biuse Bikoiztaile Euskaldunen Elkartea, Bilbao Kafe Antzokia, Disney Plus + Euskaraz initiative, EBI Diocesan Schools, EHBE Euskal Herriko Bikoizleen Elkartea , EIZIE Association of Basque Translators, Proofreaders and Interpreters, Ene Kantak group, Euskal Encodings initiative, EHE Euskal Herrian Euskaraz, Basque Confederation, EPE / APV Basque Producers Association, Game Erauntsia Association, Hekimen Basque Media Association, Ibaia Basque Independent Audiovisual Producers Association , Ikastola Association, Izarkom Basque Cooperative Telecommunications Operator, Kantu Kolore Group, Katxiporreta Association, Euskalgintzaren Kontseilua, Kristau Eskola, Lanartea Basque Professional Association, Navarrese Audiovisual Production Association, Netflix in Basque, Sortzen Association Euskara elkartea, Euskaltzaleen Topagunea, 3000Twitz initiative, UEMA Commonwealth of Basque Municipalities, UEU Summer Basque University, ZINEA.EUS portal, Zinemak Euskaraz initiative and Zukugailea association.

The Pantailak Euskaraz initiative also states that Disney + in Basque, Netflix in Basque, Zinemak in Basque and 3000Twitz campaigns have received more than 30,200 signatures to date.


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