“Paolo Hurtado Defends Himself Against Magaly Medina’s Criticism And Alleges Infidelity: Latest News and Updates”

2023-05-27 04:34:52

Paul Hurtado He issued a statement to defend himself against Magaly Medina’s criticism, and hinted that the show host’s husband, Alfredo Zambrano, would also have been unfaithful.

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The Cienciano footballer published a strong message on his social networks and launched strong qualifications against the “Urraca” shortly after he criticized the video where he offered a public apology to his family for the “ampay” with Jossmery Toledo.

Dear lady full of plastic surgeries, the one who is forced to sing as soon as there is a social event is her husband with tight-fitting university tuna shorts”, pointed out the player.

“I give you a piece of information: her husband’s cake doll, which he thinks sings beautifully, adorns it often. It would be good if his investigation team followed him. Also pay for a few singing lessons to see if she makes it through the knockout stage of The Voice”he lashed out.

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At another time, Paolo Hurtado referred to the next sentence that Magaly Medina will receive in the lawsuit filed by Jefferson Farfán. “I saw her nervous a few days ago. Let’s all wait for the end of the month”, he added.

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