“Paolo Hurtado’s threatening messages to still wife during her risky pregnancy”

2023-04-18 03:46:00

Deplorable. After Magaly Medina announced revealing chats between Paul Hurtado and Rosa Fuentes, the soccer player made the radical decision to send intimidating messages to his still wife, despite the fact that she is carrying a risky pregnancy.

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According to ‘Urraca’, the Cienciano player contacted the mother of his children immediately after he announced that this Monday he will present conversations where the footballer tries to recover his marriage after being supported by Jossmery Toledo.

“He tells him to start the war, let’s go with everything now, may the best man win”was part of the message that Paolo Hurtado sent to Rosa Fuentes, who is in the first trimester of pregnancy with the threat of abortion.

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At another time, “Caballito” accuses his ex-partner of robbery and warns him that he will recommend Jossmery Toledo to come out and defend himself publicly to leave her in a bad light.

(Photo: ATVs)

(Photo: ATVs)

What did Paolo Hurtado’s wife say?

After the promotion of the new ‘ampay’ starring Jossmery Toledo and Paolo Hurtado was made public, Rosa Fuentes, his still wife, has spoken out loud and clear on her Facebook account. On her social network, she shared an extensive message in which she appreciates the support she has been receiving from her loved ones.

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“I want you to know that I am fine, I already found out about the news that is going to come out. Thank you for the concern, calls and messages. The truth does not surprise me, they are two people who have no shame and even a little respect for children and a pregnant woman. They are such for what. they do deserve”, reads one part of the statement.

“This does not humiliate me anymore, if that was what they wanted to achieve, this makes me stronger and more sure of the decision I made. “I just hope that the father of my children and my husband, give in and reconcile, that he does no more harm and that he lets us move forward as well, that he answers my lawyer to finish the legal procedures” (…) “No I’ll give them the pleasure of losing my baby, if that’s what they’re looking for. I am strong and firm, I am the only thing my children have left, apparently they have already lost their father”, ended Fuentes.


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