Paracetamol for fever; The food was divided; Watched TV; ’10 years’ life in one room | 10 years in one Room | Rahiman and Sajitha

Palakkad: Malayalees are shocked to hear the news of a young man who hid his beloved woman at home for 10 years. Now the two have reached out to the outside world and are revealing the events of those ten years to the media. Both are blaming Rahiman’s family for the incident. According to Rahiman, Sajitha hid at home for fear of them.

‘It has been two years since I fell in love. Suddenly she came down. He said he could not stay at home. I had to get some money. It was too late to get it. The money was bought by the family. With that I could not go anywhere. Can’t tell you how he lived for 10 years. I gave all the food to my wife.

I have a special interest in electronics. That’s how the shock was attached to the door handle. The father and mother did not know that his wife was with him. When Kovidkalam came, the family mentally disturbed me. They took me to many places and ganged me up. His wife has not had any problems for 10 years. I bought paracetamol for a small fever. ‘ Rahman’s words.

Sajitha says she can’t understand her past experience in a single room. Being a husband has never caused any hardship. I was given half of the food. The TV was set in the room. It can be heard with the headset. That’s how Rahiman spends his time going to work. My family called. Sajitha, who has been in a single room for ten years, says she is now at peace.

English Summary : Rahiman and Sajitha about their 10 years stay in one room experience


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