Paralympians are compliant

One week before the Paralympic Games in Tokyo, it can be said that the Mexican athletes complied. They will surely obtain the 11 medals that they had as a goal to reach 300 medals.

As of Monday, nine metals had been harvested and two were missing from the finish line. They had also achieved three gold, which reached the 100 gold that had been proposed.


Thank you, Amalia Pérez, for overcoming all the emotional burdens and lifting weights to get the gold for Mexico.

Thank you Jesús Hernández, for having conquered the waters and obtaining first place in swimming in your specialty.

Thank you, Mónica Olivia Rodríguez, for having walked so many battles and succeeding with the gold medal in the 1,500 meters.

Thank you, Gloria Zarza for throwing the bullet as if they were penalties and obtaining a silver medal.

Thank you Diego López for your bronze in swimming.

Thank you, Lenia Ruvalcaba for your judo matches.

Thank you, Eduardo Ávila, for your bronze on the tatami.

Thank you, Rosa María Guerrero, for your effort in releasing the album.

Thank you, Fabiola Ramírez, for your 100 meter swim.

Until yesterday, Monday, Mexico was in 20th place in the medal table, with three gold medals, one silver and five bronze.

Thanks to all of them for being a source of pride for Mexico.

Rings of Power

Precisely because Paralympic athletes are a source of pride for our country, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that they will be honored next week when they arrive in the country … The Director of Games and Raffles of the Ministry of the Interior, Alma Itzel de Lira Castillo, has the challenge of regulating the new trends towards the digitization of casinos. That is why he has met with the presidents of the Association of Licensees, Operators and Suppliers of the Entertainment and Gambling Industry, Miguel Ángel Ochoa, and of the Association of Gaming and Sweepstakes Licensees, Alfonso Pérez Lizaur. It is a sector that needs to be reactivated and modernized after the pandemic, since it represents 10 billion pesos a year and employs almost 170 thousand people … Those who deserve applause are the sponsors of the Mexican Paralympic Committee, such as Citibanamex, British Petroleum, Toyota , Allianz and High Life and those who support initiatives or individual athletes such as Médica Sur, Laboratorio Médico Polanco, Electrolit, among others … In the competitions to succeed Francisco Cervantes in Concamin, Netzahualcóyotl Salvatierra, who has the experience of the “Oaxaca Pact”, with 36 projects, eight entities and investments for 70 billion pesos … This August 29, Video Game Day was celebrated. According to Competitive Intelligence Unit., Mexico is among the 10 most important markets, with 72.3 million gamers. The projection indicates that there will be 76.7 million at the end of this year, with a growth of 6.1% compared to 2020 … In the politics of the State of Mexico there is a real melee with kicks everywhere. Deputy Gustavo Cárdenas was deprived of parliamentary coordination in San Lázaro, it seems that on instructions from the Secretary of Government, Ernesto Nemer, who would have used the president of the PRI, Alejandra del Moral. And these last two seek to be candidates to succeed Alfredo del Mazo, but with a tail that is stepped on … The Academia de Pericos de Puebla is a reference for scouts in the Major Leagues. Over the weekend, Alvin Mejía of the Colorado Rockies visited their facility.

“This week: 300 and some more”

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