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Paralyzed, he manages to tweet with thought

“No need for strumming or vocals. I created this tweet just by thinking it. This tweet, the first in the world to be written in thought, was written by Philip O’Keefe. This 62-year-old Australian is paralyzed in his upper limbs, due to a form of sclerosis diagnosed in 2015.

This feat, we owe it to the Californian company Synchron. Via a brain implant of their design and at Stentrode [une interface cerveau-machine], patients are able to perform various computer tasks only by using their thoughts.

New possibilities

“The first time I heard about this technology, I understood how much independence it could give me,” Philip tells the Daily Mail. “The system is amazing, it’s like learning to ride a bike: it takes practice, but once you ride, it becomes natural. “

For the 60-year-old, this technology opens up a vast field of new opportunities. “Today, I just think about where I want to click on the computer, and I can send emails, check my accounts, go shopping, and now speak to the world via Twitter,” explains he does.

Since using this technology, Philip has been able to reconnect with his family as well as with his colleagues. It also allows him to continue his consultancy work.


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