Parental controls are coming to Meta’s VR Quest headsets

Meta (ex-Facebook) announces the deployment of the v41 update for Quest virtual reality headsets (ex-Oculus). Among the novelties, the company insists on the addition of parameters allowing parents to supervise and supervise the VR experience of children and adolescents. Announced in March, this parental control works in conjunction with the Oculus mobile app, once the child’s and parent’s accounts are linked.

With this app, parents can “block specific apps that might be inappropriate”, “approve the download or purchase of an app that is blocked by default” at the request of a child over 13 years old, “see all the apps their kids own” et “receive notifications when they download an app, send or receive a gift”.

That’s not all, this parental control allowing you to display the time spent by your offspring on the headset and in VR, to consult the list of friends on the Oculus platform and even to block the Link and Air protocols remotely. Link, which will prevent access to PC content on Quest headsets.

Recalling that Meta Quest headsets are only intended for people aged 13 and over, the company says it wants to continue to evolve its parental control options by taking into account feedback from the community.

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