Parents filed a complaint against him

Outrage has caused a situation occurred in the Baraque Michel Nature Reserve, Belgium, which stars a fast-paced cyclist and a 5-year-old girl.

According to a video recorded by the father of the minor, While the little girl was observing nature with her family, a subject on a bicycle passed her and pushed her with his knee to be able to pass.

The event occurred during Christmas, but only now caused a media stir in the European country after the parents found the man’s whereabouts and filed a complaint against him.

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In conversation with the Belgian portal Newspaper, Patrick Mpasa, father of the girl, assured that the subject “He asked us to withdraw the complaint, but he did not show regret for what he did. What’s more, he accused me of aggressiveness. He claimed that he had not seen that Neïa had fallen, that he would have otherwise stopped. I have the impression that he thinks it is normal ”.

Patrick pointed out that they started a legal action because little Neïa had some ailments after the push. “A lot of people tell me I should have hit that rider, but I didn’t want to shake things up in front of my children, in front of other passersby. I don’t want a witch hunt, just apologies “, Held.


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