Parents’ hearts! “Nong Magic” is sick, sends encouragement to “DJ Man”, cut off enough to get a treatment room.

Send encouragement! Nong Wetmon is sick with strep throat. Her father and mother are Toei. clear, not covid Cut enough to get a treatment room

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Makes parents’ chests hot when Nong Wetmont or Miss Dang Tong Mantra daughter of Baitoey RSiam and DJ Man Pattanaphon Sick again, with a fever-severe throat, which the father of man took his daughter to the doctor Worried about getting covid but was relieved that he couldn’t detect it.

The DJ Man posted on Instagram while holding his daughter close to her chest. with a nurse taking care of him, not far away, stating that…Sick again and son Free from covids. Father is relieved. Now you have to check a lot. before getting a room The world has changed a lot. I have to fight, daughter, father. sore throat, fever which there are people in the entertainment industry, including fans Come in to comment to send encouragement. May Nong Magic recover from illness soon.

As for the pandan mother posted a picture of his daughter saying Ying Yui has a cold, strep throat. I love you so much. Mama, after work, I will come to you soon. 💋 I love you the most. Before later, after the work is done Pandan girls also updated their IG stories while coming back to take care of their babies closely.



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