Parents of children with autistic disorder seek the approval of a law that limits the use of pyrotechnics – Télam

High-impact noises cause “physical and bodily decompensation” in children with ASD.

Specialists and parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder considered that although the use of fireworks “decreased” in the country, it is essential that a bill be passed that proposes to “prohibit the manufacture and use” of elements “that damage the health, the well-being of the population and the environment “, while a few days before the end of the year parties from the industry admitted to be” reconverting “.

“Until there is a national law that prohibits the manufacture and recreational use of pyrotechnics, even if it is denounced that its use is harmful, the Chamber of Fireworks intervenes and the justice supports it, that is why we are going for a national standard “he told Télam Celeste Marisi, member of TGD Padres TEA, a group of self-convened for the well-being of their children with Autism Spectrum.

The harmful effects produced by high-impact noise affect people and animals, but more profoundly those who have the condition of the Autism Spectrum, according to Marisi, who warns that in these children it causes “physical and corporal decompensation.”

The commercial activity of pyrotechnic products in the country It is regulated by the National Law on Arms and Explosives, 20,429, together with regulatory decrees 302/83 and 606/10, in addition to multiple provisions of the National Agency for Controlled Materials (ANMAC).

In these regulations, it is established what can be produced in the country, sold, the security measures, components and controls allowed, how they should be stored, which ones are for free sale, in addition to restricting their use to children under 16 years of age.

The commercial activity of pyrotechnic products in the country is regulated by the national law on Weapons and Explosives.

The commercial activity of pyrotechnic products in the country is regulated by the National Law on Weapons and Explosives.

What does deputy Bucca’s bill propose

Eduardo “Bali” Bucca

However, the bill that seeks to limit the use of fireworks for recreation, presented by deputy Eduardo “Bali” Bucca and prepared with the support of TGD Padres TEA, it already has an opinion from the Health Committee of the Chamber of Deputies and must still receive the approval of the Industry Committee.

In its first article, the initiative “prohibits in the scope of the Argentine Republic the commercialization, exhibition, possession, manipulation, private use, manufacture, storage, transport, distribution and sale to the wholesale or retail public and itinerant sale on public roads, of pyrotechnic devices for recreational use “.

The rationale is that such items “are harmful to health and the environment” and include products “whose audible, light, smoke, chemical and / or physical effects are detrimental to the health and well-being of the population and the environment, and also the pyrotechnic hot air balloons “.

In recent years, according to the fundamentals of the project, there has been a proliferation of local regulations, mostly municipal, regarding the limitation in the use of pyrotechnics.

“Provinces such as Neuquén, Mendoza, Tierra del Fuego and the South Atlantic Islands, and Buenos Aires towns such as Bolívar, Bahía Blanca, San Carlos de Bariloche, San Martín de los Andes advanced against its use,” the project remarks.

This year, the Buenos Aires government decided to create “calm zones” near parks, reserves and hospitals where the use of fireworks with sound effects will be prohibited and it will limit the use of items such as mortars and bombs, according to resolution 80 / APRA / 20, published in the Official Gazette on March 4.

At the same time, national decree 96/2019, of December 28 of that year, established “the prohibition of the purchase and use of sound pyrotechnics for all public events of the National Executive Power “and invited all the provinces and the City of Buenos Aires to join the initiative.

The impact of loudness

“High-noise pyrotechnics even cause physical pain in our children, some people even convulse, they feel that the world is falling apart because the noise destabilizes them and that is very scary,” he warned and added that “the Holidays are the furthest thing away of happiness for them. “

While, the child and adolescent psychiatrist, Alexia Rattazzi, co-founder of PANAACEA (Argentine Program for Children, Adolescents and Adults with Autism Spectrum Conditions), where assistance is provided to families, he explained to Télam that within the Autism Spectrum, some people have specific characteristics in their sensory profile and “that is why they are hypersensitive to noises such as din, vacuum cleaners, cars, blenders and pyrotechnics.”

“Some describe it as if a bomb exploded next to their ear, others as a physical pain from a needle and many have seizures”

Alexia Rattazzi

“Some describe it as if a bomb exploded next to their ear, others as a physical pain from a needle and many have seizures that can hit, scream, cry and become behaviorally disorganized”, said the doctor graduated from the Favaloro University.

Although he agreed that “the use of pyrotechnics has been decreasing”, and a sign of this may be that last year there were no injuries in the Hospital del Quemado, as it did not happen 38 years ago, he considered that “the impact pyrotechnics sound must be canceled “.

According to data from the CDC (for its acronym in English, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States) 1 in 54 people live with the condition of the Autism Spectrum.

“There are many people but there are many more who have animals and there are other adults who are also sensitive to such loud sounds, so this includes various groups,” said Rattazzi.

“High-noise pyrotechnics even cause physical pain in our children, some people even convulse”

The Fireworks Industry

While, Ezequiel Asquinasi, representative of Fireworks Companies (CAEFA) considered that “fireworks and pyrotechnics do not harm health and the environment” and pointed out that “from CAEFA we are reconverting ourselves so that all products have low noise impact”, because the items with the greatest noise “are those that generate claims “.

The awareness campaigns of this Chamber aim to encourage the use of lighting products, under the message “I chose pyrotechnics with more lights and less noise.”

After stating that “a lot of people enjoy fireworks”, Asquinasi recalled that the industry employs 60 thousand people throughout the country, with SMEs.


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