Parina hit hard! have a little conscience Reiterating that medical personnel should have Pfizer injections first

Parina Kraikup says healthcare workers should get Pfizer before other high-risk groups Requesting other agencies to give up as well asking for conscience Again, hurry up and inject.

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After the Pfizer vaccine receiving donations from the United States to Thailand There have been a number of issues, including the allocation of vaccines to agencies, and there has been some criticism regarding the distribution of the Pfizer vaccine to healthcare professionals. with the condition that Who will get that Pfizer? Must have undergone 2 injections of Sinovac
On August 1, 2021, Ms. Parena Kraikup, MP for the Pracharath Party posted about this issue: #When Pfizer arrives in Thailand Healthcare workers should get Pfizer before other high-risk groups. Request other agencies to waive the request for cipher as well A little bit of consciousness Hurry up and spray.”

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