Paris airports are preparing for the control of departures outside the EU

From this Monday at midnight, all departures to countries outside the European Union will be prohibited, except for an overriding reason.

The airports of Paris are preparing for the control from midnight of departures to countries outside the European Union, subject to a “compelling motiveUnder new rules to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

«What will change concretely is the control of departing passengers. People will not be able to go on leisure trips, for example to Punta Cana (Dominican Republic), the West Indies or go to Africa with your familySaid an airport source.

«All departures to major international flights will be controlled. There won’t be many people left, only those who have something urgent“, Added this source, specifying that these rules will come into force at midnight. The first flights concerned will take off in the early hours of Monday.

The verification will be carried out according to a double curtain: “there will be checks by the airlines, coupled with border police checks», Said another airport source. Air carriers will not be able to check in a passenger if they do not have their travel certificate. But the company only checks the presence of the document and is not the one “who decides if the motive is compelling or not“, This competence falling only to the border police, specified Air France.

By restricting international travel, the authorities hope to prevent additional contamination but also to limit the circulation of new variants of the virus, which could worsen the pandemic. Despite the drop in air traffic, “Roissy and Orly still represent about a million passengers per month, so that may have an impact on the epidemic“, Estimated the first airport source.


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