Paris closes a vast immigrant camp

More of 1,500 immigrants have been evacuated Wednesday morning of a makeshift camp located on the edge of the Saint-Denis en Aubervilliers canal, al north of paris. About 800 tents sheltered Malians, Afghans, Ethiopians and Sudanese, now transferred to 13 gyms in the Paris region.

“These accommodations will allow them to be sheltered, but also to verify the conditions of their right of residence,” explained the Paris police prefect, Didier Lallement, present during the evacuation of the busy camp, where at unhealthy conditions would be repeated conflicts and altercations. “These camps are terrible […] they are places of violence that are very damaging to those who settle in them, “stressed Lallement, addressing the press.

While no one questions the health risk Linked to this type of camp, evoked by the prefecture to justify its dismantling, the evacuation strategy was not without controversy. “We are talking about the coronavirus, but look: the rules are not respected here!”, A witness to the dismantling questioned by the newspaper criticized indignantly. The Parisian. In this same sense, the collective Wilson Migrants Solidarity He reproached the security forces for the cordon deployed to displace the immigrants, a strategy that would have caused shoving, falling and strong tension during the evacuation.

Turning a deaf ear to all criticism, the prefect of Paris remarked that this intervention responds to the “logic of all the operations that we have carried out for several months”, aimed at preventing at all costs the creation of new settlements both in the French capital as in the three neighboring departments.


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