Paris de Alameda with San Antonio will close its doors after 72 years of operations | Economy

After 72 years of operations, the store Paris de Alameda with San Antonio will close its doors on January 29.

The above was confirmed to Radio Bío Bío by the United Workers Federation Paris, which is in addition to the closings of stores of own brands such as Foster, Topman and Umbrale.

About ten workers could be relocated, but others 110 would be unlinked.

In the case, for example, of the first Johnson’s stores to close, all were laid off.

The argument – so far – is that the store is unprofitable and that the decision is part of a restructuring process thinking of a leap towards digitization, placing emphasis on online platforms and the electronic channel.

In addition to the above, the location of the premises would also be complex for the Horst Paulmann holding company, since it is located in the middle of a area where there are usually protests and excesses.

An example of this was that the store was looted in late October 2019.

Consulted by Radio Bío Bío, Cencosud indicated that “our business is undergoing a transformation towards an increasingly digital model, for which we are evaluating each position, as well as the square meters of the sales rooms ”.

“In said analysis We see it necessary to maintain only one location in downtown Santiago, in the current Bandera store, which we will reform so that it has all the services and assortment of products “, they explained.

“We are confident that a renovated Bandera store, located in a more central place in the Santiago commune, will be able to deliver a memorable experience to all our clients ”, they affirmed.


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