Paris garbage collectors on “renewable and indefinite” strike to improve their working conditions

They invaded the roof of the Direction de la Propreté et de l’eau (DPE) of the City of Paris at the end of the morning, throwing from up there, on the avenue de France, a shower of municipal leaflets devoted to the waste management: garbage collectors and sewer workers in Paris went on strike on Tuesday November 17 “Renewable and indefinite” at the call of the CGT-FTDNEEA union (Waste treatment, cleaning, water, sewer, sanitation), after a notice filed on November 5.

This movement affects, according to the City, “Around 50% garbage collection”. Waste collection is public in ten of the twenty districts of the capital.

Dozens of other strikers, who remained below, burned a few trash cans at the end of the morning, causing thick black smoke. At the center of their grievances, the law on the transformation of the civil service. “We will lose eight days of leave and eleven RTTs, our right to strike will be subject to prior declaration as to the RATP, and the system for awarding bonuses seems much more arbitrary to us”, denounced garbage collectors to the World, also recalling that the index point used to calculate their remuneration is “Frozen, frozen, even frozen! “.

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The latter are also bitter about the few changes in working conditions put in place for this second confinement, and especially about the disappearance of the premium of 35 euros per day to which they were entitled. “This confinement has nothing to do with it. The heroes are far away, now we are worth nothing ”, confided a garbage collector.

Strikers occupy the roof of the direction of cleanliness and water of the City of Paris, while others, below, burn garbage cans, avenue de France, November 17, 2020.

In his long list of demands detailed during a speech, Régis Vieceli, secretary general of the CGT-FTDNEEA, also called for the “Remunicipalisation of missions entrusted to private companies”. He and other strikers were still occupying the roof of the DPE on Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. and announced to the World their intention to spend the night there.

Agent safety at stake

“Twenty percent of cleaners and sewer workers are now on strike”, announced Colombe Brossel, the deputy mayor responsible for the cleanliness of public spaces. Waste collection services “Were able to ensure 50% of outings in the districts” she assured. In the boroughs where the collection was not carried out, the municipality ensures to request “Teams to catch up as best as possible (…) what is left “.

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Benjamin Raigneau, at the head of the direction of the cleanliness and water of the City, assured “Increase the spaces for dialogue” with trade unions, in particular to address “Elements of prevention in the context of the Covid-19 crisis or more structural elements in the public cleaning service”.

Mr. Raigneau recalled that the discussions could not take place “In a context where the safety of our agents is not guaranteed”, regretting the introduction of demonstrators with “Flammable elements” on the roof of a municipal building.

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