Paris Hilton turns 40 – what we owe to the ex-it girl

40 years of Paris Hilton are also 20 years of Juicy Couture tracksuits. The two were inseparable, unbreakable – and were copied many times.

Something like the mother of the It girls, she reportedly sent one of the first selfies: Paris Hilton.

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Logically, she is not responsible for her first name, but the trend towards localities and unusual creations really started with Paris Hilton, on this Wednesday exactly 40 years ago, when the granddaughter of the hotel magnate Barron Hilton saw the light of day.

In retrospect, we also have a lot to thank this woman for: the will to self-portrayal and self-marketing, supposedly even the first selfies, and of course, today more momentous than ever, the expansion of the comfort zone in the form of juicy couture tracksuits.

Paris Hilton in her long-time uniform: a two-piece by Juicy Couture.

Paris Hilton in her long-time uniform: a two-piece by Juicy Couture.

Photo: LMD

She spent half her life in these two-piece suits, and their ascent together was as smooth as the material in these suits. Hilton was one of the first to be famous for being famous and from then on was simply called “It Girl”.

Velor twins were Paris’ uniform

Around the same time, the Californian label Juicy Couture was the first brand to come up with the idea of ​​tailoring jogging suits from velor, the soft material that is normally used to cover sofas. They sent a pink copy with rhinestones on the backside as a gift to Hilton in 2001, who then wore the items not only in her free time, when lounging around on the plane, but simply everywhere and especially when going out.

Hilton was one of the first to be famous for being famous.

Jogging suits in the wild were not a matter of course in the early noughties. Paris Hilton made her uniform by wearing it very penetratingly in all colors and thus a kind of modern, crease-free LA chic.

In the smooth retrospective, those were wonderfully innocent days when Hilton and her friend Nicole Richie landed an early reality TV hit with “The Simple Life” and life somehow took a more simple course.

“The Simple Life” with Paris Hilton and her girlfriend at the time, Nicole Richie, was a reality TV hit.

Photo: Reuters / Jeff Christensen

But you just don’t get those times back. Juicy Couture, the brand that was founded by two women with an allegedly only $ 200 investment and made billions in a very short time, had to close all stores seven years ago.

Comeback after bankruptcy

Just in time for the revival of the nineties and noughties in fashion, the new owner is now trying to make a comeback. The current collection looks exactly like the old ones, only that there are now hotpants as well, but still with enough space for rhinestones on the bottom.

Kim Kardashian, who became known as Hilton’s assistant, but has now overtaken her mentor by miles in terms of making money through self-expression, has just brought out such tracksuits with her brand Skims. Only with significantly tighter tops.

Kim Kardashian learned from the best: Paris Hilton's former assistant in her tracksuit collection, along with the original.

Kim Kardashian learned from the best: Paris Hilton’s former assistant in her tracksuit collection, along with the original.

Photo: Skims

But there is one thing even this fabric cannot hide: You don’t need these suits anymore. Because every brand has jogging suits in its range, they are available in every price range, in every imaginable material, cashmere, cotton, silk, vicuna.

Just like, of course, Paris Hilton’s Unique Selling Point doesn’t have much, shall we say, juice anymore. There is self-portrayal in every form. What Juicy and she started, others have long carried on.

Published: 02/17/2021, 8:15 pm

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